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At the heart of X-Force is a system designed to evaluate and elevate your GTM readiness and success rate.


Rapid Assessment

We always begin with the big question: Is there a market for your offering?


Executive Evaluation

Expert product analysis with a market readiness assessment, and investor appeal evaluation from industry executives.


Power Network

The X-Force extended network offers hard-won guidance, feedback, and support from sought-after business leaders across industries and markets.


Summary Dashboard

Your ongoing access to the X-Force dashboard provides a reference point for all your X-Force feedback, recommendations, and evaluation results.

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The X-Force team is a specialized group of working experts dedicated to helping you achieve your product vision and accelerate your Go-to-Market success via in-depth evaluation, feedback, and network expansion

The X-Force Team is a trusted source for guidance and evaluation by some of the world’s top VC and private equity firms.

Vision Personified

X-Force Advisory Board

The X-Force system was developed by world renowned business leaders who have built rocketship companies of all sizes at every stage of the game.

Blake Sallé Board | XFactor.io
X Factor for: Proofpoint
Mike Carpenter Co/CEO | XFactor.io
X Factor for: CrowdStrike
Bryan Bayless Advisor | XFactor.io
X Factor for: Gong
Anthony Belfiore Advisor | XFactor.io
X Factor for: Wiz