The Product

X Platform

Designed to Win

An intelligent Go-to-Market platform singularly designed to identify what matters for your business – your XFactor


If You Stay Ready...

…you never have to get ready. The X Platform is always-on. As your business changes your XFactors will update in real-time.

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Your strengths,
Your victories.

The X Platform syncs trillions of data points by leveraging historical and realtime key indicators from internal and external sources.

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Hows Your Mojo?

Your Mojo Score is a live, top-of-dashboard metric that shows the overall health of your organization’s go-to-market activities.

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Next is Now

Each product in the X Platform is always-on so whether you need to manage territories, make sales projections, generate new leads, or increase sales capacity – when you’re ready for what’s next, next is ready right now.


Sales Capacity (XSC)

Determining sales quotas, forecasts, sales force, and ramp times are some of the most critical business decisions you’ll make. Take the guess work out of it with intelligent, live analytics, insights, and recommendations.


Territory Planning (XTP)

Where are your opportunities? How can you seize them? The X Platform gives you powerful insights and recommendations for strategic territory planning and accurate pipeline confidence so you can go big.


Demand Generation (XDG)

X Platform insights and recommendations on early stage pipeline including SDRs, marketing channels, conversion rates, enablement, and leads will make sure your sales team is set up for efficiency and success.


Account Management (XAM)

The X Platform delivers live intelligence on your current customer base so you can decrease churn while strengthening your retention rate and build an expansion and cross-sell strategy that puts you ahead.


Brand Awareness (XBA)

The X Platform gives you a foundational understanding of where your brand sits within the competitive landscape across regions, categories, and buyers highlighting growth opportunities in each area. — Aided, unaided, social media survey…


Product Labs (XPL)

X Product Lab is a flexible, expanding data library of key market intelligence that empowers you to model your product roadmap with insights, analytics, comparisons, and trends.

Integrate Everything

The X Platform integrates with your existing sales and marketing tools to give you a full picture of your GTM activities and ultimate confidence in your models and simulations.

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Who Are We?

Find out more about XFactor and our Mission

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